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Errol Prince is Managing Director and Head Chef for his company Jamakin’ Food, he began cooking from an early age whilst growing up in Jamaica which was the cultural norm. This grew into a passion and a career when he became a professional chef at the age of 18 then becoming a Head Chef at the extremely young age of 21 when he worked for Good Year Tyres in St Thomas, Jamaica.

After emigrating to England, he honed his skills at Westminster College where he took a cooking course which prepared him for working in the food industry in the UK.

He has worked in the food industry as a chef for over 30 years where he has mainly held Head Chef roles. He specialises in high quality Jamaican Food which he feels is under-represented even though he has found it popular in the UK.

This revelation led to starting Jamakin’ Food, a company providing professional chefs catering Jamaican food for private events such as weddings, funerals and parties. Jamakin’ Food also has plans to expand to recipe books and products such as sauces and readymade meals.