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Mat & Co

Contact email: mike@matandco.co.uk
Website: matandco.co.uk


Mike’s inspiration for becoming an Accountant was derived from his passion for numbers and business.

A degree in Economics gave Mike a great understanding of how the political and economic world works but also an understanding of business economics through the study of Microeconomics.

After completing his degree in 1985 he started his career with a small firm of accountants, where he trained and learned Accounting, taxation and auditing.

In 1995 he decided that it was time to set up his own business. Then MAT & Co (MAT being Mike’s initials) was started.

Mike initially worked from home and did subcontract work for another firm until 2000, after this he then totally devoted his time to Mat & Co.

In 2000 Mat & Co had less than 10 clients but now has over 300 clients for whom they provide Accountancy, taxation, auditing and business advice services. The company now consists of a team of 10 people working for the company.

Mat & Co are based in Beckenham, Bromley and are an established practice of Chartered Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors.