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How do I join Mastermind Business Network?

Applying for membership at one of our branches is simple. Please fill in the application form and we will be in touch.

Who can join?

We welcome members from all types of business whether established businesses, start-ups, self-employed, limited companies or partnerships.

Why should I join?

Please see the list of benefits on our Membership page.

What type of membership is available?

We have two types of membership: Associate and Full Membership. Please see our Membership page for more information.

Why do you restrict business sectors at your branches?

We want to help you grow your business. Being the only member business in your sector means that you will get exclusive access to any business opportunities for the type of work you do. You won’t have to compete with other members.

There are no restrictions on business sector at our evening masterclasses and training events.

Do I have to come to every meeting?

To make the most of your membership, we strongly recommend that you attend every breakfast meeting at your branch. If you are not able to attend, you may send a representative – a colleague or business acquaintance, ideally in the same field as you.

If you are not able to find a representative, please give your branch director at least 24 hours before the meeting, so they can find someone for you.

Is there a dress code?

As you are representing your business, we ask that you come to our meetings appropriately dressed for your profession. That doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a suit, if you wouldn’t normally in your business.

What happens in the meetings?

At our breakfast meetings, each member has the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business via a brief, one minute pitch. We then have a 10 minute speaker, who may be a branch member or invited guest. This is followed by the opportunity for one-to-one sessions with other members and a raffle for our named charity. Members also enjoy a delicious breakfast.

The format of our evening training sessions and workshops varies, depending on the topic and the speaker. Details of these will be published nearer the time of each event via our website and newsletter.

Will I definitely get business by joining Mastermind?

We aim to help you grow your business and will pass on relevant business opportunities to you. However, we cannot guarantee that you will get business simply from joining us. It is down to you to put the effort in! If you come along regularly, participate and learn from other members, your business will go far.

Can I switch branches?

While we prefer you to join the branch local to you and stay with them, it is possible to switch branches, if your business sector is not already taken there and at the discretion of the branch director.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, we welcome guests to our meetings. Non-members are allowed to come to two branch meetings as a guest without obligation, before they are invited to become a member.

If a guest’s business sector is the same as an existing member, we notify both parties beforehand and the guest must be respectful to the member. If they wish to join Mastermind, they will be allocated to a different branch that does not have anyone of their business type.

For any other enquiries please email