Managing Your Energy!

Managing your energy!

During my experience as a health practitioner (now well over a decade) I have worked with hundreds of clients and successfully coached and supported them to create vitality and an abundance of energy in their lives. I used to be obsessed with getting people out of the pain they were presenting with and, in my role, you may think that this is not a bad obsession to have. Even though I had great success in my pursuit, I was regularly frustrated by clients that returned to me with the same problem just months or a year later. Why wasn’t I getting permanent results? This challenged me to look deeper and broader to get different perspectives and through this searching I realised that sustainable results weren’t so much what I did with my hands but also the tools and insights I coached my clients with in order to nurture a permanent solution to their challenges.

One of the most important insights I share with my clients is about the management of their energy so is it ok if I share this with you? I’m assuming you said yes!

I’ll start with a question: How do we manage our energy? With food? Or with sleep?

Both true to some degree but not as much as you might think. Do you remember when you first fell in love or finally get the client or the job you’ve always wanted? You were so present and in love with life that you didn’t need anywhere near as much sleep or even food and still felt far more energetic than you usually did! So how did this happen?! What is the missing ingredient to make sense of this? In short it is your mindset. I’ve come to understand that working on your mindset is incredibly important for creating sustainable solutions to your health challenges. To find out more feel free to contact me and I will gladly look at how I can be of service to you.

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