Advertising Your Business In 2018

Advertising your business in 2018:

Im sure a lot of small and medium business owners are looking to increase the amount of business & work they got in 2017.

This might mean that you are looking at ways to advertise your business, potentially for the first time or maybe looking at alternatives to previous times.

Here are a few highly effective ways which you may have not heard of or overlooked:

1. Google Adwords

If you have a website then you will want to look at using Adwords. These are the adverts on Google that appear right at the top when you search a term. The idea is that you set a term you would like to appear at the top of the Google (for example Croydon Networking). You then pay each time a user clicks to go to your website. You are also able to set budgets so that you never go over your limit. Although sometimes expensive it is one of the best ways of getting your business out there.

2. Use Pop-ups & Subscribe forms on your website to encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter.

This in turn increases your database to directly email customers through Mailchimp with special offers and new products and services. A lot of websites encourage people to sign up by advertising special offers when you sign up, for instance 10% off your 1st order.

3. Social media

Social Media is something a lot of people have a love / hate relationship with. With the online world moving the way it is, you will need some form of online presence to keep growing your business. Remember the millennials who have grown up and used this all their lives could soon be customers you want to target. Therefore you should consider making a strategic Social Media Plan which looks at the amount you post, what you post about, the hashtags you use, the language you use, as well as your interactions with other users.

This is just a very quick overview and should help you start your journey. There are a lot more things that specific businesses and industries can do but to go through these all in one post would be overwhelming.

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Article by James Wilson

Graphic & Web Design Seat / Mastermind Education Coordinator

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