How To Get More Followers On Social Media

How To Get More Followers On Social Media:

1. Choose 5-8 influencers in your market. Then start engaging with them. Answering questions / opinion polls they may post.

2. Blog on your own website and post links to it on your social media linking. Either create posts for people outside of your industry enabling them to understand something that may help their finances or lives. Or post short and snappy posts with an interesting message like a new exciting product or a critical advance in your industry.

3. Consistency is key. Post important messages and blog posts the same day each week and around the same time.

4. Include links to your social media on as many print and digital documents as possible.

5. Get friends and family and employees to follow the account. Also you could ask current clients, partners and vendors to follow too. Send an email announcing you have a new account and add a link for them to add you.

6. Remember using hashtags. Don’t fill your post with too many but try and tag certain subjects.

7. Get involved in discussions. Answer people’s questions. Ask your own questions and add to the community

8. Share others content.

9. Post photos. People are 80% more likely to engage with visual content.

10. Look at trending topics and try and post something about that topic.

11. Try to differentiate from your competitors content.

12. Analyse your most popular posts and see what they have in common and try and replicate this.

13. Promote people you work with and hopefully that will encourage them to do the same for you.

14. Use action words. Instead of posting “Click to read about…” say something like “Comment with your thoughts on the subject”

15. Try and be personal on occasions with your posts and photos, show the human side.

16. Tag specific people and accounts to encourage them to interact. (It is usually the @ symbol and then the person’s name or username)

Following some or all of these tips should help you understand how social media works and how best to use it. The next step is to create a social media strategy.

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Article by James Wilson

Graphic & Web Design Seat / Mastermind Education Coordinator

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