Branding Tips For Your Business In 2018

What Is Branding?

Today it is the perception a consumer has when they hear or think of your company name, service or product. The reason behind professional branding is influencing the way your company wants to be perceived and having your target market choose you over the competition.

Branding can be the following:

  • Visual Identity such as logo / website / colour palette etc)
  • How products are packaged, designed, etc
  • Your mission statement
  • Your company language and the way you communicate
  • Company behaviours
  • Your vision.

Objectives of good branding:

  • Delivering a clear message
  • Building recognition as people tend to do business with companies they are familiar with.
  • Set your brand apart from direct competition.
  • Building or continuing credibility
  • Emotionally connect your target prospects with your product and or service.
  • Motivate the buyer to buy.
  • Create loyalty to your company.
  • Providing staff with direction as to how to act and meet company goals.
  • It also gives you a good foundation to grow your business.

Nowadays the correct branding can literally be the difference between success and failure in any industry. You can think of the most mundane product or service and look at the industry leader (which do not necessarily sell the best product) and they will have a very strong brand and marketing strategy. Think about water, it comes out of our taps but we still buy bottles of it constantly.

A few questions you can ask yourself:

Does my brand relate to my target audience?  Will they instantly “get it” without too much thought?

Does my brand share the uniqueness of what we offer and why it’s important?

Does my brand reflect the values that we want to represent?

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Article by James Wilson

Graphic & Web Design Seat / Mastermind Education Coordinator

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